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Popular upgrade for many drivers

Alloy wheels are a popular upgrade for many drivers in the Tamworth, Nuneaton and Staffordshire area and it’s not hard to understand why. Alloy wheels are specially-made to be more durable than their standard metal counterparts, making them longer-lasting for road use. They are also more lightweight, which reduces fuel consumption, as well as being nice to look at. Here at Sutton Road Tyres, we stock, supply, and fit a range of alloy wheels. Not only will you get the perfect set of wheels for your vehicle, you can expect a first-rate installation by our service award winning team of mechanics.

Durable Alloy Wheels in Tamworth, Nuneaton & surrounding area

As the name implies, alloy wheels are made of an alloy metal – specifically a mix of aluminium and magnesium. This produces a much stronger metal than the regular steel used in everyday car wheels. This means that the wheels are more capable of withstanding the damage and deterioration that comes with day-to-day road driving, ensuring a longer-lasting product.

Lightweight Alloy Wheels

Aluminium alloys are much lighter than their steel equivalent. This means that your car will need to use less fuel when getting from A to B. It also makes handling of the vehicle easier, delivering a smoother driving experience for you and your passengers.

Attractive Alloy Wheels

While most drivers choose alloy wheels for the practical advantages listed above, there’s no denying that they look good too. They add resale value to a vehicle and can make the exterior of your vehicle really stand out from the crowd. We stock alloy wheels in a variety of styles, so finding one that matches your preferred aesthetic will not be a problem.

Additional Tyre Options with Alloy Wheels

Because of their improved strength and reduced risk of warping, alloy wheels can be fitted with tubeless tyres, unlike regular metal wheels. These models are longer-lasting than many regular tyres and offer improved stability when driving, making them – and a set of alloy wheels – a popular choice for many Tamworth & Nuneaton drivers.

Alloy Wheel Fitting Services

Of course, we don’t just provide you with the wheels – we also fit them to your car and make sure they are properly balanced for smooth and safe driving. We can fit your previous tyres to your new wheels, if still in good condition. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a brand new set of tyres while upgrading your wheels.

Alloy Wheels Near You

All alloy wheels are fitted at our Tamworth garage by our team of trained mechanics. We welcome visitors from across Staffordshire, offering the same high service to all. If you’re fitting your own wheels, we are happy to deliver them within a 25-mile radius. This includes customers in Atherstone, Coalville, Lichfield, Measham, Nuneaton, Sutton Coldfield, and beyond.

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